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I suggest you familiarize yourself with different types of photography. The price varies depending on the location, time of photography and the number of models. Click on the button to get the necessary information:


Фото-прогулка: съёмка Вас и Вашего любимца на природе 

The photo walk lasts approximately 1.5-3 hours (maximum 4 hours). During this time, we will have time to shoot interesting shots of your dog, and you will receive retouched photographs within about a week (the terms are discussed in advance).

Photographing people, family photography

I enjoy photographing people outdoors/in the city. Interesting ideas are welcome.

UNAVAILABLE NOW! Photographing adult dogs and puppies in the studio

UNAVAILABLE NOW! I’m coming to you with my studio kit.

You receive a minimum of five photos per puppy.

I also photograph kittens and adult cats.

Shooting people in the studio

I am guaranteed to send you at least 10 photos from the ring (stance, movements, showing the dental system, photos from the awards ceremony).


Photographing a dog at an exhibition

Photography of various events

Full photo report from one event. Please check all conditions by phone.

*in the photo is a training session for kitesurfers

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