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My name is Anna (pseudonym is Titanya), I am an animal photographer.

A few details about myself:

  • I love “live” and laconic photographs. where there is nothing superfluous

  • In 2012, she graduated from the “2White” photography institute, after the institute she photographed people, but quickly changed her focus to photographing dogs.

  • Thousands of four-legged models of different breeds have been in my lens.

  • I will find an approach even to the shyest dog :)

  • I cooperate with breeders of the largest nurseries in Russia

  • 11th place (out of 1990 participants) in the international photo competition "Dogs in Motion" from 35AWARDS

  • 24th place (out of 4847 participants) in the international photo competition "Pets" from 35AWARDS

  • I have experience working with large brands (MARS, Hills, Perfect Fit, Vanish, etc.)

  • I teach photography (photographing and frame processing)

  • I specialize in photographing German Shepherds, but I enjoy photographing other breeds

More information about dog photography courses is available here


Phone: +7(905)740-22-86 (WhatsApp)

+381612860688 (Serbia only)

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